Website Dashboard Billing Software

  • Add/edit/delete category
  • Add coupon codes.
  • Manage stocks.
  • Generate exclusive coupon codes

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It gives you the full control of what you want to sell on your website, coupon codes to offer in general and manage stocks on the website.

billing system to take care of your billing needs. It is easily accessible from anywhere and on any device. This billing system is integrated with whole software. All you need is a Phone number of your customer before giving the bill. This billing system is so powerful that whenever the user signup, login the website.

Billing Software

Why use a website dashboard?

Having all your data in one spot makes for more efficient reporting since you’re not juggling multiple documents when you put everything together. It also means you can track how different marketing channels are affecting one another.

Benefits of using a website dashboard

The main advantage is the amount of business intelligence you’re able to generate, and this means you can improve your content and web design to ensure that the user experience is driving sales and conversions.